About us

NEROSKULL or NSKL, it's the same, was created in 2019 on the basis that we share the same passion and the same desire to protect and defend. If you are here, reading this lines, is not for nothing.

In Europe, unfortunately, politics think that we are toxic and dangerous because we use firearms. Legislations aren't not made to help us and in the future they will became more complicated, in order to prevent mad shooter cases and terrorism. But, if someone want to kill other, there are many solutions to procure a gun and terrorists don't buy firearms at armory... The problem isn't firearms, but the world into we live.

We have to show that our community don't play a game, we train to become better, to defend our family, friends and freedom if one day it would be necessary because in the times we are in, the chance of needing to use your firearm has increased exponentially.

We strive to create a community where everyone supports everyone, under the same flag. Where the skills are shared, whatever you are civilian, law enforcement or military. The most important is the state of mind and the firearms culture.

That's what NSKL is today, a community brand and to do so, we have created 3 collections so that everyone finds their happiness and may raise the flag.

All sales go into keeping the brand alive and the community strong.

Guys, be free and keep practicing while waiting for the world to find peace. Otherwise we'll be prepared...


- Dario, NSKL Founder

"We Kill People Who Kill People To Show People That Killing People Is Wrong - Holly Near"