Police lifestyle.


NEROSKULL is a Swiss police operator company owned, created in 2019. Its CEO, Dario, nicknamed NERO is behind the project.

What are we actually doing ? Nothing more than our work. More seriously we create awesome apparel, with unique designs. Garment that we wear every day, especially when we work undercover.

But we don't just do that at NEROSKULL. We study, we document ourselves and we focus on an EDC concept. This in order to develop products adapted to our work, but above all tested in real conditions.

For this purpose, we have created our network of professionals. Quality companies, specialized in our field, all having something interesting for our concept.

Of course we also train, and a lot. The responsibilities we have are too important to ignore training. And this is where the next step for our company is focused : skills improvement.

It's still top secret, but something is brewing ...


"Ride with who you thrive with."

Dario, NSKL CEO and his friend from Delta Defence